SIGN THE PETITION: CGM Monitors for Type 1 Diabetics on Medicare

Please consider signing this petition, I have reached out to my local senators about this issue as well. Here’s what I wrote:

I believe all Type 1 diabetics have the right to a CGM monitor to help relieve some of the burden this disease imposes. Sugars can rise or drop unpredictably and rapidly, and we all have the right to best manage our health and improve our quality of life. CGM monitors eliminate the need to constantly prick fingers for manual blood sugar readings. They also provide much more valuable, consistent and accurate readings all day long, so that individuals and their healthcare providers can choose the best course of action medically. Elderly individuals are at an even higher risk of developing complications due to Type 1, and so it it our duty to give them the resources needed to help them stay safe and healthy. Thank you for your consideration. 


Check it out here!



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