What is Type 1 Diabetes?

Often people hear diabetes and they immediately think of sugar, lack of exercise, obesity, and poor lifestyle management. Unfortunately this stigma comes with judgemental reactions when I reveal that I am diabetic. Unlike Type 2, Type 1 diabetes is purely genetic, not lifestyle based. For many, it develops during childhood, but for some, like me, it can develop in adulthood as well.


It is not caused by a lack of exercise, a poor diet, or anything within our control at all. In Type 1 cases, the body’s antibodies begin to attack the beta cells of the pancreas. These beta cells are responsible for producing insulin to be released into the blood stream, allowing carbs which are converted into sugars to enter the cells and provide nourishment for energy. When a person develops Type 1 Diabetes, their body makes no insulin or it doesn’t make enough to support the body’s needs. This can lead to dehydration, lack of energy, hunger, and more. Your cells literally starve until enough insulin is provided via injections. Type 1 is considered insulin-dependent, meaning that for the rest of that person’s life they will need to receive insulin in order to stay healthy and manage blood sugar levels safely. The goal for most Type 1’s is to reduce insulin needs as much as possible to feel good, nourish the body, and reduce dependency on medication. So, please, understand how truly and fundamentally different Type 1 is from Type 2 in regards to management, causes, and more. 



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